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Reel-to Reel Plating Plating is designed to be a resource-efficient and economical method. The process of reel-to-reel plating allows for selected deposits of metal, and plates strips of manufactured products or raw material before they become stamped into different parts.

The process is usually accomplished by making use of a capstan system. The product that is to be plated is then put through the necessary processes. At the end of the line, a take-up system then re-spools the material once the desired finish has been achieved.

At Finest Gold & SilverFinest Gold & Silver, we do both preplating and postplating. Our experts are on hand to recommend the best treatments for your products. Preplating is a process where metal coils are plated together prior to stamping, providing an undercoat. Postplating processes commonly involve treating the plated products with solid solution strengthening and precipitation hardening so as to offer the plated products greater protection. These processes form part of our reel-to-reel plating expertise.