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Palladium is a silver-white metal that belongs to the Platinum Group of Metals. It gives a beautiful finish, and is often considered as a lower cost option to Gold. It is hardy, resistant to oxidation and provides excellent solderability.

Whereas metallic Copper diffuses quickly through Gold, Palladium provides an anti-diffusion property that allows for greater multi-layering between Gold and Copper. Although Nickel also provides an excellent underplate, unlike Nickel, Palladium is not magnetic in nature. This is useful when non-magnetic performance is required in applications.

It is recommended for plating between surfaces that require contact surfaces, solderability and wire-bonding.

Palladium is recommended for its:
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Exceptional Electrical Conductivity
  • Ability to Conduct Heat
  • High Ductility
  • High Solderability
  • Anti-Diffusion & Multi-Layering Possibilies
  • Non-Magnetic Performance