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Copper is a beautiful, reddish metal. It is ductile, and can be polished. These allow it to be employed over an assortment of uses, from providing a decorative finish to electrical engineering purposes. It is the second best conductor of electricity, and also conducts heat very well.

Copper is sometimes recommended as an underplate as it adheres well with a variety of substrates, and plates well with other metals. It is used in many products ranging from everyday pennies and bullets, to electrical connectors and automotive parts.

Two common Copper finishes we offer are Acid Copper and Cyanide Copper.

Copper is recommended for its:
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Ability to Conduct Heat
  • Diffusion Barrier
  • Properties as an Important Undercoat
  • Malleability
  • Decorative Appearance; Easily Polished to an Attractive Finish